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Trying to locate copper scrap metal recycling near you? Not to worry we can help you find what you are looking for. We have the resources you will need to find local scrap metal recycling facilities as well as businesses that buy scrap metal. Check out our listings to locate a Virginia recycling center that accepts copper scrap metal.

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Alleghany, Backbone, Boiling Spring, Callaghan, Clearwater Park, Clifdale, Clifton Forge, Cliftondale Park, Crows, Earlehurst, Fairview Heights, Falling Spring, Griffith, Harrington, Hematite, Hooks Mill, Intervale, Iron Gate, Iron Hill Springs, Jordan Mines, Kincaid, Longdale, Low Moor, Mallow, Moss Run, Nicelytown, Oakwood Forest, Potts Creek, Rich Patch, Selma, Sweet Chalybeate, Valley View, Westwood Place
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Related ZIP codes for Alleghany County, VA:
24401, 24422, 24426, 24445, 24448, 24457, 24474
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